Android Development

For Android development I develop using Android Studio and Cordova. There are two options for creating an Android app. The first option is to develop it natively for one operating system. The other option is to develop a hybrid app, which can port over to most popular operating systems. The Android operating system is fast becoming the most popular operating system used ever, and that is why Android development is important.

Custom Android Development
Want to stand out from the crowd with an app that can reach millions of users on their smart phones? I can help build an app for your business or promote a product using a professional a interface. Conveniently, the user is given an easy to use interface which they can access anytime and anywhere.Do you want to connect the app to your website or API? Apps are great for adding mobile functionality to your existing system. The app can also work offline if needed by storing data in the phone and syncing with the web when its connected.
Check out the app I released on the play store here. It is a tool for educating drivers about the road rules.
300-115 vce
300-135 vce